Vegas Jets allows guests to bring electronics onboard

Vegas Jets guests can bring all their electronic devices with them on private jet flights booked through the website, the company said.

Vegas Jets guests can fly on demand between Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas on the newest private jet fleet in the world, with guaranteed on-time flights and VIP service.

According to Vegas Jets´ media contact Thomas Schneider, “Flying private means getting your own private terminal and bypassing the TSA. Bring your laptop, iPad, friends, dog or even your mother in law. They are all allowed to fly with us.”

Vegas Jets is a private jet travel company whose mission is to transform the quality of life of the traveler with stress reduction and the anticipation of fun through private jet travel. It has no membership fees, no ferry costs, and no surprise expenses. Vegas Jets is not a direct or indirect air carrier; all Vegas Jets-booked flights are operated by Part 135 Air Carriers.