VEGA to monitor NASA astronauts on NEEMO expedition

PM13 Preferred Medical Solutions, LLC´s VEGA Telehealth system has been chosen by NASA to be part of the daily health regimen for six astronauts on NASA´s 21st NEEMO expedition, the company said.

The company said its clinical devices and patient portal software will enable NASA to monitor the health of the aquanauts in real-time during the 16-day mission.

NEEMO (NASA extreme environment mission operation) is an annual undersea training exercise for NASA astronauts to become aquanauts, after spending up to 16 days living 62 feet under the Atlantic Ocean at Aquarius Undersea Reef Base. The July 2016 mission will include VEGA Telehealth solution to enable NEEMO´s crewmember/aquanaut, Dr. Marc Ó Gríofa, to monitor the crew´s health in real-time during the complete mission.

The VEGA Telehealth solution is developed by PM13 Preferred Medical Solutions (VEGA Telehealth) with support from its partner organization, Carematix. The telemedicine solution offers customized clinical patient portal software and device solutions, in conjunction with the Veterans Administration´s National Center for Innovation, to provide end-to-end telemedicine. The software solution brings the concept of a hospital-at-home to the patient´s bedside.

VEGA Telehealth provides a complete service solution for remote clinical healthcare while offering HIPAA-compliant virtual clinic and consultation services and remote patient monitoring, capturing and reporting patient healthcare data.