Vaultbank offers free stock trading with digital asset trading

In an effort to expand its goal of converging traditional investments and digital assets, Vaultbank has announced the addition of free stock trading to its launch, the company said.

This new feature, advanced by a strategic partnership, is in addition to existing features that will allow trading of utility and security tokens. With this merging of services on one platform, users will have a single platform solution to invest globally, trade digitally, and cash out locally.

Through this newly formed partnership, Vaultbank has built a solution for Retail and Hedge Fund investors allowing them to trade US equity securities (NYSE, Nasdaq, OTC) that are priced greater than USD 1.00 per share. These customers will have the ability to trade on margin and access real-time market data.

The Vaultbank Platform is currently in beta testing. A tiered global rollout is scheduled to begin in the third quarter of 2018. Prospective users are invited to join the waitlist on Vaultbank´s homepage at

Vaultbank is a FinTech company innovating the convergence of two worlds – traditional investments and digital assets. Vaultbank utilizes blockchain technology to create, issue and trade financial instruments through a single platform. By providing the next generation suite of financial services, Vaultbank will allow for the buying, selling, and spending of cryptocurrencies, tokenized securities, and traditional equities on web-based and mobile platforms.