Vaspian partners with Voci to bring Speech analytics to telephony market

Vaspian, a Buffalo-based hosted telephony provider, said it has partnered with Pittsburgh speech-to-text company Voci Technologies.

Vaspian plans to empower small and mid-size businesses by providing automated transcription and speech analytics tools powered by Voci as a complement to Vaspian´s telephony systems.

Voci´s speech analytics offerings can be layered over existing Vaspian voice services and used to reveal valuable insights hidden within a company´s phone interactions. Speech analytics offers significant return on investment for users in any industry, including healthcare, legal, medical, and emergency services.

Vaspian is a cloud-based telephony service. Its VoIP phone service combines the power of business phone and Internet for communications solutions.

Voci Technologies enables enterprises to extract actionable intelligence from their voice data. The company´s hardware-accelerated speech recognition engine runs orders of magnitude faster and with greater accuracy than alternatives, enabling both real-time and batch transcription of 100 percent of companies´ voice data.