VASCO expands visual authentication, transaction signing

VASCO Data Security International, Inc. (NASDAQ: VDSI) has introduced the DIGIPASS 770 authenticator with Cronto-based visual authentication and transaction signing capabilities, the company said.

Cronto technology utilizes an encrypted color QR code to protect against cyberattacks while providing user convenience.

DIGIPASS 770 is a compact, hand-held authenticator featuring a color display, keypad, PIN protection and a built-in camera. It has many of the same features as VASCO´s top-selling Cronto solutions, but has been engineered for applications where minimizing total cost of ownership is a priority.

Cronto technology enables banks to defeat online fraud schemes, such as phishing, social engineering threats and Man-in-the-Middle attacks by protecting customer login and transaction authorization.

Visual transaction signing enhances user convenience by reducing the user interaction required to login to an account or verify a transaction — users simply point their Cronto-enabled device at their screen and the QR code is automatically captured, allowing all of the encrypted transaction details to be communicated between the bank and its customer through a secure channel without the risk of interception or tampering by hackers.

VASCO provides two-factor authentication and digital signature solutions to financial institutions.