Varley USA, Enterprise Ventures release new-age military technology catalog

DC-based Varley USA and its newest strategic partner Enterprise Ventures Corporation (EVC) said they have announced the initial release of their new catalogue of products and innovations designed to bolster the capabilities of our allied militaries and defense organizations.

Enterprise Venture Corporation (EVC) and Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) formed a strategic partnership with Varley USA in May 2015 and have since cultivated a portfolio of high-quality, mission critical technology, currently available to the aerospace and defense (A&D) market.

The collaboration efforts of Varley USA and EVC/CTC led to this initial catalogue, offering six unique products, including two game-changing projects within the collection.

Varley USA, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Varley Group, a 128-year-old Australian engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in Aerospace and Defense programs. Varley USA, Inc. was founded to leverage the technology, innovation, responsiveness, and legacy of its Australian parent to make it easier for US companies to do business with the Varley Group.

Enterprise Ventures is the for-profit affiliate and technology commercialization arm of Concurrent Technologies Corporation. EVC´s mission is to transfer advanced technologies to the industrial base for its parent and other research and development firms.