VariFlight launches Airsavvi as travel data intelligence brand

Singapore-based aviation technology group VariFlight has announced the launche of its new brand, Airsavvi, dedicated to data services for enterprises, the company said.

Airsavvi inherits VariFlight´s unrivaled aviation data expertise and moves forward by incorporating data of land transportation like high-speed railway and ride hailing. This comprehensive coverage of different types of travel data, together with the brand´s prominent algorithms and computing power, will provide data-driven and more insightful supports for travel and transportation companies worldwide.

Airsavvi is a global leading travel data intelligence company focused on helping businesses build data application capabilities for achieving growth.

VariFlight is the leading brand providing aviation technologies. VariFlight´s travel data solutions are benefiting over 300 million of travelers worldwide and its Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) system is installed at more than 100 airports worldwide as of June 2019.