ValuAmerica, Mercury Network integrate platforms

ValuAmerica and Mercury Network have announced that ValuAmerica is integrated into the Mercury Network vendor management platform.

More than 700 lenders and AMCs use Mercury Network to manage compliant and efficient appraisal operations. This integration allows lenders using the Mercury Network vendor management platform to place appraisal orders with ValuAmerica and streamlines communications by automatically passing order statuses and documents back and forth.

And lenders can do this without modifying their workflow. Mercury Network will route orders to ValuAmerica based on each lender´s unique assignment and compliance requirements. The system captures a complete audit trail of the assignment.

ValuAmerica, Inc. is wholly owned by Clayton Holdings LLC, a subsidiary of Radian Group Inc. (NYSE: RDN), and is a provider of real estate information and technology services to the mortgage and real estate industries.

Mercury Network is the software platform used by more than 700 lenders and AMCs to manage their collateral valuation workflow.