Vahana takes first fully self-piloted flight

Vahana´s Alpha One, the first full-scale aircraft, lifted off on January 31, 2018 in Pendleton, Oregon, the company said.

The fully self-piloted vehicle reached a height of 5 meters (16 feet) before descending and landing safely. The vehicle completed a second flight the following day. In attendance was the full Vahana team, representatives from the FAA, and A3 leadership, all coming together to witness this historic accomplishment.

The first flight also marked the successful completion of significant milestones by Modern Technology Solutions, Inc. (MTSI) and its team of subcontractors supporting Vahana for the past 18 months.

Integrated directly with the experts at Vahana from early in the project, MTSI, a 100% employee-owned engineering services and technology solutions provider for the defense industry, intelligence community, and commercial markets, contributed to the vehicle reaching its first flight milestone.

Vahana´s aim has long been to design and build a self-piloted, single passenger, all electric VTOL aircraft to answer the growing need for urban mobility. Its goal is to democratize personal flight by leveraging the latest technologies such as electric propulsion, energy storage, and machine vision. The first flights mark a huge milestone for Vahana as well as the global pursuit of urban air mobility.

MTSI will soon resume flight testing of Vahana and continue hover, transition, and cruise test profiles at the Pendleton UAS Test Range. For more information on openings MTSI currently has, company information, and benefits offered, visit the MTSI Careers page and MTSI Vahana job opportunity listings.

MTSI is a 100% employee-owned engineering services and technology solutions company delivering first-choice capabilities to solve problems of global importance in the critical mission areas of missile defense, cyber security, intelligence, unmanned/autonomous systems, aviation, space, and homeland security.