UTC Aerospace Systems unveils innovative new solutions for biz jet market

UTC Aerospace Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), has unveiled a pair of innovative new solutions for the business jet market, the company said.

The company´s new proprietary microbiological water purifier consists of multiple layers to trap pathogens, remove odors and neutralize microbes. Compared to existing water purifiers that use ultraviolet or fine micron rating methods of sterilization, UTC Aerospace Systems´ purifier is extremely lightweight at just over 4 pounds and requires minimal water pressure.

In addition, the unit requires no electrical power or wiring, has the capacity to purify 4,000 gallons over its lifetime, and meets bacteria, virus and cyst reduction per National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) P231 purifier requirements.

Currently undergoing prototype and lab testing, the new purifier is expected to be fully qualified in early 2018. It is designed for use in aircraft galleys, lavatories, potable water tank outlets and service panel fills, and can be scaled in size to meet specific customer and platform requirements.

Also at NBAA today, UTC Aerospace Systems launched its Kidde Halotron BrXâ„¢ handheld cabin fire extinguisher, which uses a non-Halon, environmentally friendly fire suppression agent. The new extinguisher meets the ICAO recommendations and EASA regulations restricting and replacing the use of Halon 1211 on aircraft, and is designed as a drop-in replacement for existing Kidde 1211 extinguishers. Halotron BrXâ„¢ has passed UL 711 5B, 2B cold temperature and FAA Minimum Performance Standard (MPS) tests.

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