Ushur application utilizes artificial intelligence to automate high-volume customer email

Ushur, an intelligent automation platform that harnesses conversational AI and Process Automation to transform communications and workflows, has announced SmartMail, a cloud-based application that works with existing work management and CRM systems to automate incoming bulk customer email and attachments, the company said.

For companies that are manually triaging incoming email with service desk or contact center resources, SmartMail can intelligently route email, auto respond and extract business-critical information from the body of an email and email attachments at scale, allowing organizations to streamline customer workflows, reduce errors and expedite processing times.

Whether from internal stakeholders or external customers, your customer support, IT and HR teams are expected to deliver timely responses. However, with thousands of emails arriving in bulk to inboxes each month, maintaining staffing levels necessary to ensure timely processing is costly. The manual process of reviewing email content and attachments, determining purpose and forwarding to the appropriate team is highly inefficient, and it requires an army of staff that could be better utilized on more business-critical tasks.

Using SmartMail, enterprises can dramatically shorten email processing times while improving customer experience and realize up to 85 percent reduced OPEX. When addressing complex use-cases involving data extraction and populating backend systems, customers can realize significant returns on investment.

Ushur´s Intelligent Automation platform uniquely combines conversational AI and process automation to transform digital journeys for employees, partners and customers. Ushur believes the experiences of customers, employees and partners will be transformed when we remove friction and tedium from everyday tasks.

Using artificial intelligence and bots, Ushur´s visual, drag and drop tools automate front and back-office work across virtually any channel; text, web, voice, social, email and machine-to-machine. Working with existing backend systems, these end-user driven, intelligent automations augment your existing workforce, reduce process times from weeks to hours and elevate the customer experience.