USAF to provide GPS, NTS-3 military briefings at Military PNT

Military PNT, presented by SMI Group, has announced the US Air Force will present two briefings at the Military PNT 2020 in London, covering a software-defined approach to GNSS, which augments GPS with advanced capabilities, the organization said.

As the NTS-3 program is scheduled to launch in 2022, it can be reprogrammed to change its entire mission while in orbit, offering commanders greater flexibility in asset utilisation for mission sets. This technology will provide warfighters with a unique advantage, enhancing the resilience of PNT.

Military PNT aims to cover satellite navigation technology in depth, highlighting a diverse range of topics such as PNT resilience, legal frameworks, case study analysis on GNSS outages, warfighter navigation requirements, and more. Not only this, delegates can expect to meet and network with senior military and industry leaders within the field.

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