USAF selects Phase Four to adapt Maxwell in-space engine for defense needs

Phase Four has announced it has been awarded an SBIR Phase I contract by Air Force tech accelerator AFWERX, in partnership with the Air Force Research Laboratory and the National Security Innovation Network, the company said.

As part of this partnership, beginning in March 2020, Phase Four will work with the Air Force to adapt its revolutionary Maxwell in-space propulsion system to meet the needs of defense users.

Maxwell is a complete in-space propulsion system built on Phase Four´s RFT. It includes power electronics, software, and a pressurized storage vessel for 1 kg of xenon, providing over 10,000 Ns of impulse. Maxwell is delivered in an enclosure smaller than 19 cm x 19 cm x 14 cm. Customer deliveries began earlier this month.

Phase Four is a maker of radio frequency (RF) plasma engines for in-space propulsion.

AFWERX serves as an entry point for industry to do business with the Air Force, with the mission of making the Air Force more innovative by uncovering ideas and opportunities to improve the service, connecting ideas with legitimate solutions, and transitioning tools to the warfighter.