USAF improves intelligence gathering with AI, machine learning

USAF has announced an improvement in processes for Air Force Distributed Common Ground System analysts by using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the company said.

Two members of the Digital Directorate´s Command, Control, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance division at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, collaborated with personnel from the Air Force Research Laboratory and Air Combat Command to see if real time analytics, or RTA, could act as an assistant to DCGS analysts.

RTA is an open, modular IT platform that acts as a harness to host AI and ML algorithms. Users identified full motion video, or FMV, as an initial area where they thought this could provide benefits.

The project began in 2016, with an ACC commander´s intent to bring data analytics onto both the legacy and open architecture DCGS to improve capabilities.

Using algorithms from AFRL, the team was able to create RTA version 1 to prove the concept quickly and continue to modernize the process along the way.