USAF awards contracts to rebuild Tyndall AFB following damage from Hurricane Michael

USAF has announced June 2019 supplemental appropriations for Disaster Relief Act, which has allowed the award of the first two contracts to rebuild Tyndall Air Force Base, following damage incurred by Hurricane Michael, the Air Force said.

Under the Supplemental Appropriations for Disaster Relief Act, which increased Tyndall´s annual O&M budget by 450%, O&M funding assigned USD 56 million to sustain regular base operations with an additional USD 358.4 million allotted for Hurricane Michael recovery. The designation amount is 10 times more than Tyndall AFB´s typical Facilities Sustainment Restoration and Modernization budget of USD 30 million.

Tyndall AFB will also receive an additional USD 577.6 million over the next five years for new military construction projects.

Once the requirements and funding are in place, the contracting cycle can take up to 120 days to award.