USA Fiber dark fiber crosses Potomac

USA Fiber said it has announced a new unique dark fiber build connecting Ashburn to Baltimore that creates a new fiber crossing the Potomac River, uniquely underground and bypassing Washington DC.

“The market has called for this project for a long time and USA Fiber is uniquely positioned to execute,” said Judd Carothers, president of USA Fiber. “We will be constructing high quality underground infrastructure we have always focused on throughout our history, boring the Potomac River, in one of the most challenging and exciting fiber builds in the market. Our team is prepared and driving forward to bring this new carrier neutral dark fiber route to market in 2016.”

Four key use cases are being met with this new build.

> Clients that require true infrastructure diversity and require bypassing Washington DC on a route, while still meeting network performance specifications on latency.
> Clients that have substantial network along the route that need to refresh fiber infrastructure coming to end of life to maintain and grow the network for clients.
> Clients that need massive scale with dark fiber strands to meet future application requirements.
> Clients that need to improve latency to create advantage for their platform or improve the application performance.

The dark fiber platform will cross the Potomac at an undisclosed right of way easement between Virginia and Maryland, reducing the latency of data traffic significantly that is coming out of Ashburn that is going to key destinations in Maryland and north.

The company is working with key anchor tenants and has opened access to the route up in a carrier neutral platform to allow existing federal contract holders to enable the new route for their key clients. All clients in datacenters in Ashburn will be enabled to access this new route, including within market leading platforms such as Equinix, Digital Realty, AT&T, CenturyLink and Dupont Fabros.

USA Fiber is a purpose built, high capacity, dark fiber network provider that engineers, builds and maintains application and carrier neutral dark fiber networks designed for mission critical customers.