USA FIBER announces dark fiber peering platform to support Ashburn, VA

USA FIBER said it has announced an innovative dark fiber lease program for its new Ashburn, VA ring.

The lease structure allows for an open dark fiber lease platform that simplifies how service providers exchange data between data centers in the market.

The Ashburn, VA multi-tenant data center market overtook New York City as the world´s largest in 2015. This concentration of data center customers, combined with the largest IP peering market in North America creates an ideal place to launch a disruptive distributed dark fiber peering model.

USA FIBER´s newest offer, Dark Fiber Peer, enables a one to many ring drop architecture to access incremental data centers without needing to add additional pairs.

The dark fiber peering platform offers clients to connect to up to 35 data centers across a single pair for a flat monthly recurring fee, regardless of how many destinations are enabled on the platform. USA FIBER has built the newest dark fiber platform for the Ashburn, VA market enabling seven miles of 100 percent underground, highly scalable fiber optics to serve even the most demanding of applications.

USA FIBER is a purpose built, high capacity, dark fiber network provider. USA FIBER engineers, builds and maintains application and carrier neutral dark fiber networks designed for mission critical customers.