US suspends Chinese flights in retaliation to China failure to approve US flights to China

Google News has reported in response to the Civil Aviation authority of China (CAAC)´s failure to authorize resumption of US flights to China, the US has decided to suspect all flights by Chinese airlines in and out of the US from June 16, the news source said.

According to news agency AFP, the suspension can come into effect sooner if President Donald Trump orders it to be.

US Transportation Department said the Chinese government´s failure to approve requests from US carriers is a violation of its Air Transport Agreement.

Relations between the US and China have been strained with the former objecting to the latter´s move to bring new security laws in Hong Kong, which people believe will end the unique freedom of the Chinese autonomous region. The suspension of flights is the latest spat between the two world powers and centers around the CAAC move to determine its limit on foreign airlines based on their activity on March 12.