US patent office grants sky patent for satellite tracking system

World Wide Walkie Talkie has announced the US Patent Office has granted a high technology sky patent for a commercial aircraft tracking system by satellite networks that ensures that the aircraft and passengers are never lost such as in Malaysia flight MH370, the company said.

The invention´s novelty connects a wireless satellite network to a dual flight data recorder system to form an interstellar space network for tracking an aircraft in real-time while providing a remote backup and record´s of the flight´s critical data to a remote data center in the cloud to ascertain that no flight data is lost and the aircraft and passengers can be located in real-time.

The dual flight data recorder system also has an ejectable wireless flight data recorder, that will eject and float on water in the event of a crash and can be easily located in real time via satellite network and uses a military-grade GPS network for instantly, easily locating the device and the aircraft.

The invention deploys satellite technology and a special camera network in the cockpit and the passenger cabin allowing emergency investigators on the ground to remotely view the cabin and cockpit of the aircraft in real-time in the event of problems.

The wireless invention is a technological breakthrough and will ensure that aircraft are never lost again due to radar dead spots or criminal acts by pilots or hijackers and will be a most welcomed addition to the airline industry worldwide.