US patent office awards patent for ATPCO'S new airline revenue management tool

ATPCO has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Patent #10,032,195 to cover new technology, developed by ATPCO´s data scientists and technical architects, the company said.

The new technology enables construction of airline ticket prices using graph database and “functional programming” techniques.

This technology for a cacheless airline ticket pricing model permits a unique approach to calculating airfare prices that was not previously available.

ATPCO´s approach was engineered to support airline revenue management and pricing departments that manage all the various price points an airline wants to offer.

ATPCO enables seamless management of the airfare data. The company holds more than 189.6 million fares for 439 airlines in 160 countries and manages an average of 5.3 million daily fare changes. ATPCO, owned by airlines, serves as a neutral and trusted partner for airlines with travel agencies, search engines, global distribution systems, governments, and many other industry partners.