US Interior moves SAP-based to cloud under Unisys task order

Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) has completed a project to move the Department of the Interior (DOI) Financial and Business Management System (FBMS) to the cloud, a move that provides significant flexibility while meeting the department´s stringent requirements for the high availability of data and applications, the company said.

The project provides DOI the ability to dynamically reallocate cloud computing resources overnight as well as evaluate service level agreement performance alongside monthly invoices.

Working with partner Virtustream, Unisys provided an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution — including Virtustream´s SAP in the Cloud hosting services. The Unisys team collaborated closely with the DOI to orchestrate a coordinated migration to the cloud and to manage the services once live.

The successful migration made DOI the first federal government organization to move its SAP-based financial management application to the cloud. The project also complies with the criteria established in the Office of Management and Budget´s Cloud First policy mandating that federal agencies take advantage of the cost savings and efficiencies of cloud computing.

Unisys conducted the migration under a task order awarded under DOI´s Foundation Cloud Hosting Services (FCHS) contract. FCHS serves as an essential component of DOI´s five-year IT Transformation Strategic Plan, issued in 2011, to significantly cut costs with “a 21st century service delivery organization that provides innovative technologies at lower cost to support our mission areas.”

FBMS, an integrated financial and management system, gives the DOI and its component bureaus exceptional abilities to plan, budget, allocate, account for, analyze and report on all their budgetary, appropriation, expenditure, acquisition, grant and property activities. The system uses SAP and Compusearch core business management and reporting components, and integrates with supporting payroll, procurement and travel systems.

The Unisys team helps manage the DOI cloud environment using standard and proven processes and monitoring tools. This approach simplifies management of the SAP and Compusearch cloud infrastructure and tightly aligns with DOI and its internal processes.

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