US House blocks sale of Boeing airliners to Iran

Boeing (NYSE: BA) has reported the US House has passed legislation to block the sale of Boeing airliners to Iran, a deal that was authorized by the Iran nuclear deal, the company said.

Lawmakers passed amendments to a spending bill blocking a deal for 109 aircraft Boeing had agreed to sell or lease to IranAir in the next few years. The House later passed the spending bill by 239 to 185.

The Obama administration has said it will veto any legislation that undermines the nuclear agreement with Iran. The sponsor of the legislation blocking the Boeing deal, Representative Peter Roskam, insisted the aircraft could be used by Iran´s Revolutionary Guards, claiming the Boeing aircraft could be reconfigured to carry ballistic missiles or rocket-propelled grenades.

Democrats said the legislation was part of a broader GOP strategy to undermine the nuclear deal, which was unanimously opposed by congressional Republicans.