US firm touts 'clean' aluminium production method

Massachuetts USA-based technology commercialisation specialist Infinium said it has made an advance in aluminium production using its patented Pure Oxygen Anode technology offering advantages over century-old technology used throughout the world.

Infinium was founded in 2008 and commercialises technology at MIT and Boston University.

The firm also said that in recognition of these advantages, the Department of Energy´s ARPA-E office (ARPA-E) and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) are providing grant funding to support Infinium´s development and commercialisation of this technology.

Infinium said that its Pure Oxygen Anodes separates the metal production chamber from anode gases. Infinium anodes eliminate corrosive and toxic anode gas contamination, and are able to reduce cell energy losses by 60% or more, and eliminate the cost, energy, and emissions of graphite anode production, the firm said.

The company said it has identified key advantages of its technology in aluminium production as virtually eliminating CO2 emissions, which currently create 7-10 lb CO2 for every lb of aluminum produced, enabling 3x-5x higher production output per footprint and reducing the cost by halving the energy required and eliminating the need for consumable graphite anodes.

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