US Department of Energy validates performance of Cuberg next-gen electric aviation battery technology

Cuberg, Inc. has announced its electric aviation battery technology demonstrated energy, specific power, and cycle life has been validated in an independent testing and verification process conducted by Idaho National Laboratory (INL) on behalf of the US Department of Energy, the company said.

The results, including up to 80% increase in specific energy relative to Li-ion cells of comparable high-power output, represent a major step forward in the performance and maturity of battery technology for the future of electric mobility.

Cuberg has achieved results in a pouch cell, using technology that capitalizes on the scale and quality of the existing Li-ion manufacturing ecosystem. These strengths will ultimately allow Cuberg to bring next-gen batteries to the automotive market, delivering significant improvements in range and cost while preserving the substantial deployed capital base of Li-ion manufacturing.

Cuberg delivers breakthrough battery technology that provides major performance gains, low capital costs and low-risk, standard manufacturing processes to customers building the next generation of electric mobility solutions, from the aerospace industry to the automotive industry.