US Cellular introduces new payback plan

With US Cellular´s new Unlimited with Payback plan, you can take advantage of an unlimited data plan that pays you back for data you don´t use, the company said.

Customers will get paid back USD 10 per month via a monthly bill credit when they use less than 3GB of data per line, so a family of four can save up to USD 40 per month. Unlimited with Payback, which is only available at US Cellular, makes wireless plan selection transparent.

US Cellular´s Total Plans with No Hidden Fees have no activation fees, no monthly device connection charges, no phone upgrade fees and no data overage fees, and customers on a single unlimited plan can save up to USD 120 per year versus Verizon.

Combined with an additional USD 120 annually on savings through Unlimited with Payback, US Cellular customers can save up to USD 240 per year versus Verizon´s single line unlimited data plan. US Cellular offers customizable plans to fit all customers´ needs including a 2GB Total Plan.

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