US ARMY open to accepting former aviators back into active duty

Army News Service has reported the US Army is open to accepting former aviators and crew members back into the service, according to the Army´s command chief warrant officer for the aviation branch, the news source said.

The Call to Active Duty, or CAD program, allows Army Reserve and National Guard aviators to apply for a three-year stint back on active duty. Aviators are needed for AH-64 Apache attack helicopters, as well as CH-47 Chinooks, UH-60 Black Hawks and in some instances, fixed wing assignments.

The retiree recall program is also a possibility, and other programs exist for veterans who only served a few years in the branch.

UH-72 Lakota pilots are needed to instruct the Initial Entry Rotary Wing and other courses. Test pilots are also needed and additional opportunities exist for fixed-wing pilots, mechanics and others.

In addition to the active force, the Army Reserve and National Guard also have positions available for aviators.