US Airlines performance improves 4% YoY in June 2016

Transportation Department has reported an average of 78 percent of flights on major US airlines arrived on time during the month of June, the department said.

The on-time statistic is up from 74.8 percent in June 2015, but down from 83 percent this past May. The government counts a flight on time if it arrives within 14 minutes of schedule.

Fliers filed 1,492 airline complaints to the department in June, down significantly from the 2,048 filed a year ago, but up from the 1,134 received in May.

Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines had the best on-time ratings, while American Airlines had the worst. The airlines were ranked as follows:

Hawaiian Airlines, 91.1 percent on-time
Alaska Airlines, 86.4 percent
SkyWest, 84.6 percent
Delta Air Lines, 83.4 percent
United Airlines, 79.2 percent
Express Jet, 78.1 percent
Frontier Airlines, 75.6 percent
JetBlue Airways, 74.4 percent
Southwest Airlines, 74.3 percent
Spirit Airlines, 73.0 percent
Virgin America, 72.6 percent
American Airlines, 72.4 percent