US Air Force awards Phase II small business innovation research contract to Falkonry

Falkonry, Inc., a California-based enabler of predictive operations for Global 2000 companies, has announced the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has awarded it with the contract for the next phase AFWERX Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), the company said.

This award follows the completion of a successful Phase I evaluation of Falkonry´s machine learning system, Falkonry LRS. During Phase I, Falkonry explored critical operational data problems within the Air Force community and was selected by STRATCOM´s Joint Warfare Analysis Center (JWAC) to go forward into Phase II. Falkonry´s AI-enabled product will now enable JWAC to analyze massive amounts of operational data and discover patterns at unprecedented scale and provide real-time inferencing.

Falkonry LRS for Defense and Intelligence Applications provides a new generation of advanced predictive operations capabilities to enable mission success and support critical infrastructure.

Falkonry offers predictive operations for companies looking to achieve significant improvements in the uptime, yield, quality and safety of their operations. Falkonry´s machine learning system, Falkonry LRS, enables operations teams to discover, explain and predict behaviors that matter, without requiring data scientists.