US Air Force awards contract to VR startup to redefine training technologies

Virtual realty (VR) startup VINCIVR has announced the US Air Force has awarded it a USD 1m contract for next-gen VR training technologies, the company said.

The contract to VINCIVR, founded by a college undergrad, is unique among VR companies as the startup is tasked with both developing and deploying its technology into active Air Force units currently training airmen.

VINCI is working with the Air Force technology accelerator AFWERX to develop solutions for aircraft maintenance training. These simulations feature an interactive 3D model which enables full immersion into a realistic digital aircraft and an editing platform called CODEX that allows instructors to create and modify their software.

VINCIVR is revolutionizing the way we prepare for an increasingly complex world using next-gen Virtual Reality simulations. VINCI creates ultra-realistic VR training tools and environments with the emphasis on maintenance training for industries such as aircraft maintenance and wind turbines.

USAF AFWERX is a catalyst for agile engagement across industry, academia, and non-traditional contributors to create transformative opportunities and foster a culture of innovation. The core mission is to improve Air Force capabilities by connecting innovators, simplifying technology transfer, and accelerating results.