Upside Business Travel launches health & safety tools for travelers amid COVID-19 crisis

Upside Business Travel has announced it has launched health and safety information to business travelers for hotels and flights before they commit to travel during the COVID-19 crisis, the company said.

Upside´s new spotlight of health and safety information within the booking experience comes at a critical time for business travelers navigating the fear and uncertainty of COVID-19. Although 82% of companies have cancelled or suspended most (48%) or all (35%) domestic travel, most companies expect to resume travel within 2-3 months, according to the Global Business Travel Association´s recent Coronavirus Poll.1

Upside showcases hotel sanitization standards within the booking experience via Expedia´s EPS Rapid API, highlighting access to complimentary personal protective equipment, hotel room stay gap periods, social distancing guidelines, and more.

The platform also displays flight health and safety procedures directly within the booking experience via ATPCO´s Routehappy Rich Content. It´s new Reassurance UPAs (Universal Product Attributes) describe real-time health and safety measures airlines are taking to protect flyers and cover over 90% of the global flight schedule. Upside´s clients can now compare how different airlines and hotels are approaching their health and safety standards, raising travelers´ confidence in their purchases on the platform.

Upside is making several updates to its platform to help companies and business travelers navigate the global pandemic and plans to announce additional news over the coming weeks.

Upside Business Travel is a one-stop-shop corporate travel platform, created by veteran travel entrepreneurs to transform the world of corporate travel with new tools and new thinking.