Upgraded Points Survey finds 1 in 5 Americans won't travel again until 2021

Upgraded Points has announced the release of a new survey based on questions given to airline travelers concerning the recent global COVID-19 pandemic, the company said.

The study seeks to understand American travelers´ plans and concerns, helping to better illuminate the travel crisis as it unfolds, while delivering important data about the American airline industry itself — which recently asked for and will receive a reported USD 50 billion bailout from the US government.

1 in 5 Americans said they aren´t going to travel again until 2021. Conversely, from the time of the study – about 20% said they would travel again in the next 6 weeks.
The biggest fear travelers have is contracting COVID-19 from traveling and then spreading it to family and friends.

The study surveyed 1,250 people in the US, asking a variety of questions related to their travel plans, concerns around those plans, and asking them to identify what would make them feel most comfortable about traveling again. The results were compiled into a series of detailed tables and lists that give exact percentages based on the answers received. The makeup of those surveyed include 55% male and 45% female, further broken down into six different age range groups, representing adults aged 18 through 65 and up. By far, the largest group of those surveyed fell into the 26–34 range, representing 39% of the whole.

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