Upgraded Points releases study that finds US airlines most likely to bump passengers

Upgraded Points has announced findings from a recent study that explored the airlines most likely to bump passengers from flights, or airline bumps, the company said.

Using 2018 industry data released by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, and in light of the effects of the Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft grounding controversy, the study found there are statistically higher chances of bumps with certain airlines over others.

The study found that although American Airlines and Southwest Airlines have the highest number of actual bumped passengers, their volume of enplaned passengers is rather high altogether. This places passengers´ overall chances of being bumped by American and Southwest as statistically low.

Only 1.95 American Airlines passengers were bumped for every 100,000 who traveled in 2018. Southwest bumped only 1.5 passengers during the same time period. In contrast: Spirit Airlines had the highest number of involuntarily denied boardings (IDBs) based on raw data, but due to their higher volume of passengers, their ratio of bumped passengers is still better than other carriers, like Frontier Airlines.

The highest IDBs based on passengers bumped and overall volume of passengers is Frontier Airlines, by a significant margin. Based on the data, Frontier bumped 6.28 passengers per 100,000. Some of the raw data analyzed for the top 4 worst airlines for bumping passengers is below:

Frontier Airlines: 6.28 passengers per 100K; 1,219 total IDBs for 2018.
Spirit Airlines: 5.57 passengers per 100K; 1,529 total IDBs for 2018.
Alaska Airlines: 2.30 passengers per 100K; 743 total IDBs for 2018.
PSA Airlines: 2.29 passengers per 100K; 309 total IDBs for 2018.
Those airlines that are the least likely to inconvenience passengers with IDBs are also explored in the Upgraded Points study.

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