Untangle delivers ScoutIQ threat intelligence platform

Untangle Inc. has released its new threat intelligence platform, ScoutIQTM, aimed at bringing enterprise-grade, cloud-based malware detection to the small-to-medium business market, the company said.

The company released its platform at DEF CON 24, leveraging telemetry from thousands of Untangle NG Firewall deployments to identify emerging threats in the wild before they reach a customer´s local network.

The ScoutIQ cyber intelligence platform delivers detailed threat analysis across all traffic types seen on today´s networks, inspecting data at the application level, to provide insights across every port, protocol, and application, including SSL-encrypted traffic. By synthesizing intelligence information in the cloud, ScoutIQ can provide superior protection against unknown and emerging threats to Untangle NG Firewall subscribers globally and seamlessly.

Untangle is a security software and appliance company in the cyber security market, providing enterprise-grade capabilities and consumer-oriented simplicity.