Unplanned Downtime and Systems Outages Increase Costs

Keyfactor, the provider of securing digital identities, and the Ponemon Institute have released the 2020 UK edition of “The Impact of Unsecured Digital Identities”, a benchmark report exploring enterprises´ ability to manage increasing numbers of cryptographic keys and digital certificates securing network connections, the companies said.

Regulatory measures such as GDPR put focus on data privacy at design, tightening requirements and guiding IT security controls like Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Continued adoption of IoT, cloud and mobile technologies are increasing the number of digital certificates and keys that ensure secure connections and identity authentication through PKI.

Half of respondents indicate regulatory compliance as a strategic priority and two-thirds say their organisation is adding additional layers of encryption to comply with regulations and IT policies. However, undocumented or unenforced key management policies are problematic, with respondents averaging more than four failed audits or compliance experiences in the last 24 months.

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