University of Tennessee picks Nyansa's Voyance Service

Network analytics software technology provider Nyansa, Inc.´s Voyance IT network analytics technology has been chosen by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UT) for visibility into every client network transaction, user application and network services while eliminating the costly and cumbersome burden of manually analyzing and correlating exploding volumes of network traffic, the company said.

With Voyance, UT can pinpoint individual device and systematic infrastructure issues that can negatively affect the quality of users´ network experience across a vast network infrastructure of over 4,500 wireless access points.

For network managers, balancing many different network services, devices and applications, to understand the actual user experience across an entire network presents a unique new challenge.

Requiring no client software, agents or additional hardware sensors, Nyansa´s Voyance cloud-based network analytics service analyzes, measures and correlates every wired and wireless client network transaction across the entire OSI stack, providing real-time and historical insight into infrastructure, application and device behavior.

Voyance delivers summarized answers to user application, device and network service questions in plain English.