University of Alaska climate scientists predict flash flooding in Alaskan communities with use of Wingtra drones

University of Alaska Fairbank´s Climate Adaptation Science Center has reported climate researchers are tracking rising and falling ice and water levels in Suicide Basin glacial lake near Juneau, the center said.

This work is a preventative measure to protect neighboring communities from sizable flash floods and is now executed with the help of drones.

Researchers have been working to visualize and predict the glacial lake´s seasonal flux, and have brought WingtraOne on board has moved them a step forward in their data collection efforts.

WingtraOne drone can take off and land as a helicopter–vertically–but fly in the air horizontally as a plane. The combination guarantees that the drone is safe to use on harsh terrain and limited take-off space but is efficient in flight.

The WingtraOne is a tailsitting VTOL unmanned aerial vehicle developed in Switzerland by Wingtra AG. Powered by two electric motors, it is designed primarily for use in precision agriculture and surveying roles, or for light payload delivery to rural areas.