Universities Space Research reports data on carbon dioxide emissions from commercial airliners can contribute to greenhouse emissions monitoring

Universities Space Research Association has reported commercial airlines´ gathering of carbon dioxide emissions has the potential to contribute to the monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions, the association said.

The data collection by commercial airlines is a step in managing the mitigation of such emissions. An international research team that included Universities Space Research Association´s (USRA) examined carbon dioxide (CO2) data collected over 34 global cities by Japan´s commercial airliners. The study published in Nature Scientific Reports shows for the first time the connections between urban atmospheric CO2 variability and emissions from cities, suggesting that aircraft data collected by commercial airlines can contribute to global green house gases emission monitoring and their management to minimize their impact on climate.

In this study, the team analyzed thousands of vertical ascending and descending measurements collected over airports and to characterize CO2 emissions variations over 34 major cities worldwide for the first time.

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