Unium launches new home WiFi software solution

Unium has been launched in Seattle with a software solution that improves WiFi performance in the home, the company said.

Home environments have multiple complexities that interfere with WiFi performance for consumers. Unium´s software addresses these complexities without the need to purchase additional hardware. Unium software deploys, extends and optimizes your WiFi ensuring that your network is fast, reliable and frustration-free.

More than 50% of people report having issues with their home WiFi1 and the issues will increase as more devices connect to the internet. Unium solves issues such as slow spots or dead spots in the home with software that helps customers position their devices, creates a secure mesh network, and steers devices to their optimal path back to the internet. This ensures that consumers have the Wifi they deserve.

Unium software works with the same open standards that have made wireless internet possible, and will work across a variety of wireless chipsets, processors and operating systems to improve whole home WiFi. The software was created for embedded and low power applications so it uses minimal CPU and RAM. It provides network-wide configuration management, mesh-range extension and steering of clients to the optimal path back to the internet. Unium software is available to license by feature or as an all-in-one package.