United States Government and State of Michigan Support Decree Relating to Cleanup Efforts

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) has announced the resolution of the Michigan Kalamazoo River environmental cleanup and related Superfund litigation by entering in to a definitive consent decree with the United States Government and the State of Michigan, under which the company expects to conclude the longstanding matter, the company said.

The decree is subject to court approval.

Upon approval by the court, the decree will bring to an end a set of complex litigations that commenced in 2010. In particular the settlement will provide contribution protection to NCR that will foreclose Superfund litigation claims brought against it by the other companies that themselves had contributed to the pollution of the river. Those other companies will bear sole and/or primary responsibility for aspects of the remediation work not being assumed by NCR.

The cleanup work is expected to be performed over the next 20 years. NCR will seek significant contribution from NCR´s indemnitors as it has in the past for other projects.

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