United removes Max 737 from summer schedule

United Airlines has announced it has taken the Boeing 737 Max out of its summer schedule, and its return to revenue service remains unclear, the company said.

United said it will not return the aircraft to its schedule until at least 4 September.

The airline said by moving the return-to-service date back past peak summer travel season it allows the company to have more certainty by providing customers with a firmer and more definitive timeline.

United says it expects to cancel between 56 and 108 flights every day, or between 1,600 and 3,300 flights every month, between now and September as a result of the aircraft´s ongoing grounding.

United has 14 Maxes in its fleet, which are currently in storage. Sixteen more have been built and are grounded at Boeing facilities and awaiting delivery, and 155 more on order, United says.