United pilots, employees picket in Boston

The pilots of United Airlines and members of fellow labor groups joined in unity at the headquarters of PAR Capital Management and Altimeter Capital in Boston´s Financial District to express their serious concern regarding the groups´ attempt to gain effective control of United´s board of directors.

Years of sacrifice and sweat equity by the pilots and other employees are finally paying dividends for the airline and its customers. The attempted board takeover by PAR and Altimeter is ill-timed and ill-conceived, according to the pilots who, along with Wall Street, question the motive behind their actions.

“Due entirely to its dedicated employees, United Airlines has positioned itself to become the World Class operation that was promised by the United/Continental merger. The efforts, professionalism, and dedication of our pilots and our fellow employees are producing rewards and value for all stakeholders,” said Captain Todd Insler, Chairman of the United Master Executive Council of the Air Line Pilots Association.

“We do not welcome outside influences attempting to raid our financial coffers when those resources should be reinvested into the corporation and its employees, thereby providing a better product for all stakeholders. The attempts by PAR and Altimeter are unnecessary distractions to our commitment to improving customer service and continuing to help sustain United Airlines´ upward trajectory.”

The Air Line Pilots Association represents more than 12,000 pilots at United Airlines.