United Launch Alliance launches Atlas V rocket with Solar Orbiter

United Launch Alliance (ULA) has announced the launch of its Atlas V rocket carrying Solar Orbiter, which lifted off from Space Launch Complex-41 on a mission to study the sun, the company said.

The launch is mission between the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA, and marks the 82nd successful launch of an Atlas V rocket and 137th launch for ULA.

Solar Orbiter will work with NASA´s Parker Solar Probe, launched by ULA on a Delta IV Heavy rocket in 2018. Together, both spacecraft will provide a never-before-seen global view of the sun.

ULA´s next launch is the AEHF-6 mission for the US Space Force in March 2020.

ULA is a launch service provider that has launched more than 135 missions to orbit that provide Earth observation capabilities, enable global communications, unlock the mysteries of our solar system, and support life-saving technology.