United and JetBlue amp up health measures during COVID-19 pandemic

JetBlue and United have announced their decision to amp up sanitary precautions to restore passenger confidence, assuring them they are safe to fly during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company said.

JetBlue said it will be blocking off the middle seat on all their Airbus aircraft, and the aisle seats on their smaller planes. Face masks will also be required when flying.

United has released its new CleanPlus initiative to put the health and safety at the forefront of the entire customer experience. The company has partnered with Clorox and Cleveland Clinic to enhance social distancing and cleanliness thorough touchless kiosks, sneeze guards, and mandatory face masks. Furthermore, United will also be providing Clorox products at its US airports, beginning with Denver and Chicago.

As states and countries begin lifting lockdown restrictions, travel demand is expected to increase. To prepare, Airlines for America (A4A) has created a guide to help passengers stay healthy when flying.