United Airlines to provide free round-trip flight service to medical professionals flying to California to fight COVID-19

United Airlines has announced it will provide provide free, round-trip flights for medical volunteers traveling to California to help in the frontline fight against the COVID-19 crisis, the company said.

The airline is working closely with the state of California to coordinate travel for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals from across the country to help treat patients.

California currently has more than 18,309 confirmed coronavirus cases and 507 fatalities in the state to-date. Bringing medical volunteers to the state will help bring much needed support to California´s medical professionals and the more than 2,825 individuals hospitalized, including the 1,132 people in intensive care.

United is working with the state of California to ensure qualified medical professionals are staffed in hospitals best suited to their areas of expertise and have the proper housing and transportation to enable them to effectively offer their services.

United remains committed to offering as many flights as possible to connect much-needed medical professionals to the frontlines in California, with 50 daily flights into SFO and 13 daily flights at LAX. The airline plans to expand this program to critical areas within the coming days and weeks to allow more volunteers to offer their vitally important services in the places that need them most.