United Airlines Provides Update on Operations with Hurricane Irma

United Airlines is providing bonus miles, matching funds raised for relief, and added extra flights out of South Florida in preparation of Hurricane Irma´s impact on the mainland, the company said.

The airline also flew a Boeing 777 aircraft yesterday into San Juan, Puerto Rico to provide more options to customers and humanitarian resources to the region.

United is partnering with disaster relief organizations to provide aid to those impacted by Hurricane Irma. Beginning yesterday, United started its campaign to provide bonus miles to MileagePlus members who donate to the organizations. United will also match the first USD 100,000 raised.

United has resumed service in and out of San Juan, including flying a Boeing 777 to the island to provide more options to customers and humanitarian resources to the region. That flight contained supplies including water, amenity kits and food along with volunteers. On Thursday and Friday, United added 11 total flights into the southern Florida region, totaling more than 1,500 seats to help Floridians travel out of the state. Those seats were sold at an average price of USD 285. Additionally, we capped fares at USD 399 and further extended our travel waiver to help our customers and provide more options and flexibility. More information on the waiver can be found at United.com.

MileagePlus members who give to the American Red Cross, AmeriCares, Airlink, Humane Society International or Operation USA through United´s fundraising page can receive up to 1,000 bonus miles by entering their MileagePlus number at the time of their donation. Each of these organizations has teams deployed throughout the impacted areas to provide shelter, supplies, health care, and other much needed support to people in need.

United Airlines and United Express operate approximately 4,500 flights a day to 338 airports across five continents.