UneeQ Launches New Human to Machine Interface

UneeQ, a United States and New Zealand-based digital human company, announces the launch of first-ever conversational AI digital human creator platform, UneeQ Creator, the company said.

Equipped with native integrations into Google, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon and many others, UneeQ Creator offers ground-breaking machine learning functionality and the ability to easily create and deploy unique digital human employees or brand ambassadors capable of recreating natural human interaction across any industry.

With Creator, UneeQ demystifies the complexity of conversational artificial intelligence and empowers organizations of all sizes to drive deeper emotional connections with their target audiences via highly customizable digital employees.

UneeQ´s intelligent platform is the global standard in digital humans, enabling the best creative minds to design and build amazing experiences. For more information, go to www.digitalhumans.com and follow on Twitter @UneeQAI.