Unacast partners with adsquare

Unacast, a network of proximity data, has partnered with adsquare, the neutral mobile data exchange for advertisers and media buyers, the company said.

This is the first time location segments will utilize proximity data to solve for the fragmentation of the location eco-system. Through this partnership brands are now able to add a more precise level of personalization, timeliness and effectiveness to their mobile marketing campaigns.

As the line between online and offline shopping continues to blur, it is essential for brands and marketers to understand the various touch points along the path to purchase. adsquare will now leverage Unacast´s proximity platform, anchored by their Double Deterministic data, for attribution and retargeting at scale. Unacast´s data understands consumer behaviors in the physical world and mirrors the accuracy of data collection in the online world.

Unacast is an aggregator of proximity data in the industry. The Unacast platform harmonizes and structures the most accurate proximity and location data in the industry to help retailers and brands gain a deeper understanding of consumer behavior in the physical world.

Unacast is based in NYC, founded by Thomas Walle and Kjartan Slette, who were also part of the founding team behind TIDAL, the music streaming company acquired by Jay Z.

adsquare is the neutral mobile data exchange, bringing together advertisers and data providers in a fair, secure and privacy-friendly way. The platform has been built mobile-first, operates in real-time and enables advertisers to leverage data for panoramic audience targeting and precise moment marketing.