UMC Gets CDP "Leadership Level" Designation on Global Climate Change Assessment

United Microelectronics Corporation (NYSE: UMC; TWSE: 2303) (“UMC”), a global semiconductor foundry, has announced that for the fourth consecutive year, the company has achieved “Leadership Level” status in the annual global CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) Climate Change Program, the company said.

UMC became the only semiconductor foundry worldwide to receive this award from CDP, which is currently the most widely recognized carbon, water, forest and other natural resource management disclosure system for global companies. CDP has a high degree of indexation, with close to 8,400 companies actively participating in this year´s CDP-sponsored climate change project, the highest in years. UMC was awarded four of the highest “A-level” honors among 11 important indicators.

UMC announced its climate change policy 10 years ago and was the first in the semiconductor industry to promote a “fluorine-containing greenhouse gas reduction plan” to replace C3F8 with C4F8, which has a higher gas utilization rate, to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the IC manufacturing process. The positive response and follow-up of many partners within the semiconductor industry have enabled C3F8 to be almost fully eliminated from the IC production process.

The CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) is an independent non-profit organization, headquartered in London, co-sponsored by 534 investment institutions with a total asset management of US USD 64 trillion and 60 procurement organizations. The purpose of the CDP is to encourage the public and private sectors to measure and manage greenhouse gas emissions, thereby reducing the impact of climate change, and using the concept of investment risk to promote companies to disclose and reduce greenhouse gas information.

UMC is a global semiconductor foundry. The company provides mature and advanced IC production with a focus on Specialty Technologies to serve applications spanning every major sector of the electronics industry. The company employs approximately 19,000 people worldwide, with offices in Taiwan, China, Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and the United States. UMC can be found on the web at