Ultra Mobile partners with campusSIMs

Ultra Mobile, a nationwide mobile carrier developing first-of-its-kind mobile phone services with unlimited international communications, has partnered exclusively with campusSIMs, the high growth mobile service provider that is revolutionizing how international students obtain mobile phone services while studying in the United States, the company said.

Through the partnership, Ultra Mobile will integrate its sister product Mint SIM into campusSIMs´ service, allowing students to utilize Mint´s high-speed network, unlimited talk, text and data plans at unmatched low prices.

Now, international students will be able to register for mobile service using campusSIMs´ easy end-to-end mobile app and choose their Mint SIM plan based off how much data they typically use per month. Importantly, students can then use their own devices, sign up for services, and receive their US phone number in their home countries.

Ultra Mobile launched Mint SIM last year, when the company found a white space in the market for a MVNO that taps into today´s money conscious, agile consumer who want the freedom from the constraints of a big carrier contract. By tapping into media disruption, Mint´s goal is to continue to change the conversation about how society views their wireless plans through their innovative prepaid plans and flexible service offerings.

Founded in 2011, Ultra Mobile is a prepaid nationwide carrier that focuses on delivering innovative, cost effective mobile voice, text, and data services for people living in the United States who regularly call or text internationally. Its international services reach over 200 destinations. It is co-headquartered in New York City and Southern California, with more than 150 employees based in USA, Europe, and Asia. The company supports its customers in English, Chinese, and Spanish.
About Mint SIM:

campusSIMs is a mobile phone service provider that offers affordable and flexible mobile phone service to international students studying in the United States. campusSIMs has created a dynamic end‐to-end app centric platform that allows a user to sign up, activate and manage their subscription from the campusSIMs iOS/Android app.