Ultra Electronics, Materna strengthen partnership

Ultra Electronics Airport Systems und Materna continue to strengthen their partnership in the field of Airport Operations and Passenger Processing Systems, the companies said.

As the airport IT market diverges, requiring a broad range of technologies in the passenger processing space concurrently with operations systems capable of delivering efficiency in complex terminal environments, the vendor challenge is to deliver excellence in both fields.

Ultra Electronics – already recognized as the leader in Airport Operational Systems – will invest further in this product suite, and the business process expertise within the organization. Simultaneously, their highly successful cloud-based, Baggage Management System will be offered as the industry solution to IATA´s Resolution 753.

Materna, pioneers in self-service kiosks and automated bag drop solutions, have integrated the UltraCUSE (CUPPS) platform to expand their Passenger Processing capability. This enables a single, harmonized environment for Materna´s entire set of Passenger Processing technologies: from agent-facing (CUPPS); to passenger self-service (CUSS and SBD). Moreover, Materna will lead further developments and application certifications for all Passenger Processing solutions.

Individually, Ultra and Materna are already recognized as offering business solutions to the industry, not simply products alone. Together, they will now offer their customer community the full breadth of Airport Operations and Passenger Processing expertise – whilst retaining a single contractual relationship and a common service approach – giving customers quality and choice.

Ultra Electronics Airport Systems is a global provider of transportation infrastructure operational performance systems. Its wide ranging portfolio of operational, passenger, baggage, and business intelligence solutions is underpinned with a comprehensive suite of services for systems integration and managed service provision.

Under the brand Materna ips (Integrated Passenger Services) and as a supplier for airports and airlines worldwide, Materna delivers solutions for automated passenger handling at airports. In addition to the European market, Materna´s Integrated Passenger Services portfolio also focuses on the North-American market, with its own subsidiary in Orlando, Florida, and on the Asian market.